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    In order to have a voice at the policy table, artists need to show legislators that we are informed and that we vote!

    Get Your Vote On! Governor’s Race

    by  • October 27, 2014 • Get Your Vote On!, Issues

    This week (Oct. 27-31) MALC’s Get Your Vote On! November 4th General Election focuses on the Governor’s race*. There are four strong candidates running for this office and it is worth the time to learn more about what they stand for and what they want to do if elected Governor.

    Instead of sending questionnaires to...

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    MALC “Get Your Vote On” Press Release

    by  • October 26, 2014 • Get Your Vote On!, News


    John Weeks
    Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition

    Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition’s “Get Your Vote On!” Series Continues to Draw Artists’ Attention To Statewide Political Races

    Boston – The Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition (MALC) has been working since November of 2013 to ensure that Massachusetts artists of all disciplines, art, culture, and...

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    Get Your Vote On! November 4th Lieutenant Governor Race

    by  • October 24, 2014 • Get Your Vote On!, Issues, News

    MALC is happy to report that the four Lieutenant Governor candidates responded to our questionnaires*!

    We created pdfs of the candidates’ answers and reformatted them for visual consistency (see below). You’ll see we linked to all four candidates’ campaign websites, their responses, and further below, published the questions MALC asked. The answers given by these...

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