• Important update! MCC Amendment #315 now at $15 million!

    by  • May 26, 2016 • Calls to Action, DIYA, Legislation, News

    MCC Amendment #315 now up to $15 million!

    A second redraft of the MCC amendment #315, line item 0640-03000, shows MCC funding now up to $15 million!

    Keep up your calls to Senators!!

    Please keep calling your state senators to support Amendment #315, as well as the items listed below, and share this post far and wide!

    To find out who your state senator is, click here:

    MCC Amendment

    MALC supports Senator Eric P. Lesser’s amendment 315 “Massachusetts Cultural Council” for MCC funding. This amendment corresponds to line item 0640-0300: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/189/Senate/S4/Amendment/Senate/315/Text

    The Senate budget proposal set MCC funding at $13,000,000 (now at $15,000,000). The final House FY2017 budget funded the MCC at $12,189,000.

    MOTT & RTC  Amendments

    The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT) and the Regional Tourism Council (RTC) are a vital part of our state’s economy. They promote our state globally as a tourist destination. The MA Film office is funded under MOTT. There are 3 amendments MALC supports:

    The senate also created a new Outside Section regarding MOTT funding that establishes a funding mechanism for MOTT and the RTC’s that would amount to almost $10 million.  

    Here is the outside section language for MOTT:

    SECTION 24. Chapter 23A of the General Laws is hereby amended by striking out section 13T, inserted by section 27 of chapter 287 of the acts of 2014, and inserting in place thereof the following section:-

    Section 13T

    (a) There shall be a Massachusetts Tourism Trust Fund which shall be administered by the Massachusetts marketing partnership established in section 13A and held by the partnership separate and apart from its other funds. There shall be credited to the fund $10,000,000 from the room occupancy excise imposed by section 3 of chapter 64G and section 22 of chapter 546 of the acts of 1969.

    (b) There shall also be credited to the fund all revenue as designated under the Gaming Revenue Fund pursuant to subclause (b) of clause (2) of section 59 of chapter 23K.

    (c) All available money in the fund that is unexpended at the end of each fiscal year shall not revert to the General Fund and shall be available for expenditure by the fund in the subsequent fiscal year.

    (d) Money in the fund shall be applied as follows:

    (i) 40 per cent to the Massachusetts marketing partnership; and

    (ii) 60 per cent to regional tourism councils.

    (e) The partnership shall submit an annual report not later than December 31 on the cost-effectiveness of the fund to the clerks of the senate and house of representatives and the joint committee on tourism, arts and cultural development. The report shall be made available on the office of travel and tourism’s website. The report shall include: (i) expenditures made by the partnership from money out of the fund to promote tourism; (ii) expenditures made by the partnership for administrative costs; (iii) expenditures made by the regional tourism councils to promote tourism; and (iv) expenditures made by the regional tourism councils for administrative costs.

    Library Amendments

    The state’s library system is crucial to providing intellectual resources to all residents, especially economically disadvantaged individuals. There are 4 amendments MALC supports:  

    Film Tax Credit Program

    MALC strongly supports the state’s film tax credit program. We have joined with groups throughout the state, such as the Massachusetts Production Coalition (MPC), to defend the program from an onslaught of attacks during the past few years. The current Senate budget proposal contains no language aimed at weakening or destroying the program. However, we must be vigilant against any attempts to slip in such an amendment during budget debates this week.

    Please call your state senator to voice your support for the above amendments.
    Please share this post far and wide through your social media.
    We can’t advocate for arts and culture without you.
    Thank you!


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