• Reminder: Advocacy Alert! Film & Television Incentive at Risk!

    by  • May 23, 2017 • Calls to Action, Legislation, News

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    Film & Television Incentive at Risk
    Email and Call YOUR State Senator Today!

    Members of the State Senate have filed an Amendment (#38) to their State Budget which would effectively kill the film and television incentive program and drive major film production out of the state. This amendment would cripple a strong and growing local industry; costing thousands of local jobs, hurt small businesses across the state, and force new graduates from higher education programs to leave Massachusetts in search of new jobs.

    • Amendment #38 would place a cap on the amount from a single salary that can be used towards the calculation of the credit.
    • This amendment targets an essential investment that major productions make in high-profile talent.
    • These changes will make MA uncompetitive, sending major productions and good-paying local jobs to competing states.

    Larger productions, with high-profile talent, spend more money, create more jobs, buy more goods and services from local businesses, and have a greater economic impact on MA cities and towns.

    Make no mistake: productions will leave and choose not to come to Massachusetts if this change happens.

    Debate on this amendment will likely occur today (Tuesday, May 23) so we must get our emails and phone calls to the Senate immediately.

    ACT NOW!

    Use the link below to email your State Senator and urge them to Oppose Amendment #38.


    CALL Your State Senator and tell them to oppose Amendment #38. Tell them that this amendment would kill jobs because film and television productions will no longer come to Massachusetts.

    Visit wheredoivotema.com to look up your State Senator.
    Visit malegislature.gov/Legislators/Members/Senate to find your Senator’s office phone number.

    We will keep you posted on updates from the Senate Budget debate, and next steps as this issue progresses. Thank you for making time to advocate for film jobs and business in Massachusetts!

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