• Artist/Community Organizer Francesca McKenzie Tackles the “G-word”

    by  • December 11, 2013 • Issues, Opinions

    The Arts Organization’s Role in Addressing Gentrification

    By Francesca McKenzie

    The role of the artist and arts organization in gentrification

    Gentrification is an uncomfortable word for artists. The beginning of rapid development in a neighborhood can often be tracked down to when a large group of artists (usually young, energetic transplant artists with good intentions and empty pockets) move in. The influx of new creative energy stirs up city governance and private sector interests, which then rouses a line of incentives for development, a shift in racial and class demographics, and the departure of long-time residents and homeowners who can no longer afford heightened rent or property taxes.



    John Weeks is a MALC Steering Committee member committed to social justice for artists. A former staffer at the Mass. State House, he works as a political consultant and a literary publicist. John is an author who studies the finer points of literary technique at Boston's Grub Street.