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    (Informal session refers to the time after the formal session ends and usually only very noncontroversial pieces of legislation can be passed in informal session as the legislation can be struck down by one person objecting).

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    We still  need your help to pass four pieces of legislation that will help Massachusetts artists of all disciplines and arts community of Massachusetts. 

    The Poet Laureate Bill is moving in the House and the Bill for the City of Boston is now on the Governor’s desk for him to sign!

    Also the two remaining pieces of legislation in House Ways & Means still have not moved from this Committee – again calls need to be made.

    Even if you already contacted your elected officials- please contact them again to stress how important these pieces of legislation are to our community.

    For more information that links to the actual bills and how to take action:


    Thank you in advance for your help!


    Kathleen Bitetti
    Co-founder of MALC and ArtistsUndertheDome.org


    The Bills names and brief summaries are listed below and how to take action.

    Note that #4 listed below is very close to becoming law and by calling/emailing the Governor will help considerably to make this happen. It is important to do this even if you don’t live in Boston. This city is our state capital and this legislation will help move the city towards a more robust public art program. The three pieces of legislation in House Committee on Ways & Means will need two phone calls/emails to push them toward becoming law (see below info and link).

    How to find out who your Legislators are:

    http://www.wheredoivotema.com/bal/myelectioninfo.aspx (please note that your State Representative and State Senator are listed under District Representatives)


    1) An Act Protecting the Commercial Value of Artists, Entertainers and Other Notable Personalities Senate Bill S2382 – The bill would allow a person and their family to protect the use of a person’s images or personality in advertising, etc. Thirteen states have enacted statues that specify a transferable right to publicity that survives death. The bill was filed by Senator Rosenberg. It is key to support Intellectual Property rights of all artists. This IP protection is based on current copyright law/protection. It passed the Senate and needs to pass in the House. The Bill is in House Committee on Ways & Means. Best to contact your State Representative and the House Committee on Ways & Means*

    2) An Act to Create the Position of Poet Laureate for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts House Bill H00891 is now HB 4543 – This bill creates an honorary poet laureate position. It was filed by Representative Sarah K. Peake and Representative Anne M. Gobi. The Bill is moving in the House and has been ordered for a Third Reading. Next step is for the House to vote to enact it. (after that it goes to the Senate). Best to contact your State Representative and let them know the bill is moving in the House and has a new bill number.

    3) An Act Relative to the State House Art Commission and State House Architect House Bill 4124 – The bill would establish a State House Art Commission, a State House Curator position, a State House Art Commission Fund, and a Nominating Committee to create a pool of candidates for the Governor to choose from to appoint an honorary State House Architect. Only the State House Curator is a paid position. The bill is in House Committee on Ways & Means. Best to contact your State Representative and the House Committee on Ways & Means*

    4) Relative to the Art Commission for the City of Boston House Bill H3784 – This bill brings the City of Boston’s Public Art Commission into the 21st Century by updating the membership and rules of the Commission. It was filed by Representative Byron Rushing. Other Representatives backing this bill: Martha M. Walz, Aaron Michlewitz, and Angelo M. Scaccia. It passed in the House and on Dec 13th it passed in the Senate. Both the House and Senate to voted to enact the legislation on Dec 17th. Now the Governor has to sign it into law. Contact Governor Patrick to sign this legislation into law: http://www.mass.gov/governor/constituentservices/contact/

    *House Committee contact info: House Committee on Ways & Means, Room 237, State House, Boston, MA 02133  Tel:(617) 722-2380) – The Chair is Rep Brian S. Dempsey, Vice Chair Rep Stephen Kulik, and Assistant Vice Chair is Rep Martha M. Walz.

    More info on House Ways & Means:



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