• Boston Businesses and Non-Profits, Join Boston Buying Power for Energy Savings!

    by  • November 10, 2014 • News, Of Note

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    This winter and beyond, business owners will likely see a significant increase in the cost of gas and electricity this coming winter and beyond. The City of Boston has a solution for you.

    To reduce the impact of increased energy costs on the city’s business and nonprofit sectors, Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the City of Boston’s Office of Business Development have created Boston Buying Power.

    This program creates a citywide energy buying group to assist Boston business and nonprofits in the procurement of electricity and natural gas. The result is an opportunity for Boston’s businesses to have much more control over their utility bills in a volatile market, and to have increased certainty about their energy costs.

    Traditionally, business owners and nonprofits have not had the advantage of buying energy in bulk. And today’s business owner likely does not have expertise — or the time — to navigate the complexities of the energy markets.

    Boston Buying Power combines the purchasing power of thousands of commercial and industrial customers across Boston, giving businesses a host of benefits, including lower energy pricing and long-term rate stability.

    Since 2009, the City has helped create 6,000 Boston Buying Power accounts, placed in deregulated energy contracts through the program. The total energy load of this group is more than 500 million KWH, making BBP’s energy buying group one of the largest aggregations in the state.

    To join or for more information, click here.

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