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    GOTV – Get Out The Vote!

    We cannot stress how important it is to vote this Tuesday, November 4th!

    To find out where to vote: http://www.wheredoivotema.com/bal/myelectioninfo.aspx

    Make time to become an informed voter!

    Many important election races and four very important ballot questions are YOURS to decide!

    It is equally important to encourage others you know- your family, friends, neighbors and your co-workers – to vote. Reaching out to encourage others to vote (or getting them to the polls) have very high success rates in getting people to vote!

    Please make the effort to encourage others to GOTV!

    Listed below are MALC blog posts from its Get Your Vote On! series that may be helpful in learning about those running for office and the ballot questions. MALC does not endorse candidates for office and does not MALC take positions on the statewide ballot questions.

    Please read and share this post with others!

    See You at the Voting Polls on Tuesday, November 4th!

    Important Get Your Vote On! MALC blog posts on key elections and ballot questions – please read & share!

    Governor race (in order of posting dates)*:

    Jeff McCormick (Independent): http://wp.me/p2W9Iu-11y
    Evan Falchuk (United Independent Party): http://wp.me/p2W9Iu-129
    Martha Coakley (Democrat): http://wp.me/p2W9Iu-12y
    Charlie Baker (Republican): http://wp.me/p2W9Iu-12X

    * We urge you to read the MALC platform/policy analyses of all of the four candidates running for governor (Note: MALC did not reach out to or analyze the Lively/Saunders campaign.) At the time of this post, however, only two candidates running for Governor have released a specific policy for our sector (Coakley and Falchuk). You can find them in their respective links above.

    Attorney General race


    Treasurer Race


    Lt. Governor race


    State District races


    Federal races


    Four Ballot Questions


    Info from the Mass Production Coalition about the State’s Film Tax Credits program


    Information about MALC
    MALC Blog: http://artistsunderthedome.org/malc/
    MALC Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/massartists

    MALC was founded in July 2008 to bring together artists leaders of all disciplines and artist(s) run organizations, initiatives, and businesses around key issues facing Massachusetts artists working in all disciplines. MALC is committed to improving the social and economic position of all Massachusetts artists. The overall goal is to empower our community, support our artists leaders, and mentor new artist leaders. We want to ensure that artists are at the policy making table. MALC is the artist working group for our state’s Creative Economy Council (CEC). MALC does not endorse candidates for office and does not MALC take positions on the statewide ballot questions.

    MALC does feel strongly that any candidate seeking to be Governor needs to have a specific policy platform for our sector.

    MALC Policy Recommendations for the next Governor: http://wp.me/p2W9Iu-Ot

    Candidates for Governor who met with MALC: http://wp.me/p2W9Iu-Us

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    Vote on November 4!

    Remember to Save the Date!
    8th Annual Artists Under the Dome Event
    Wednesday, November 12!
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    The goal of the Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition (MALC) is to ensure that Massachusetts artists of all disciplines have a voice in public dialogs, decisions, and key public policy initiatives that impact the artists community and the creative economy. MALC works to ensure that artists have a permanent place at the policy making table.