• Happy Birthday MALC!

    by  • September 9, 2009 • News, Reports

    Founded in Boston, MA on July 31, 2008, for the past year the Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition (MALC) has been helping to ensure that Massachusetts artists of all disciplines have a voice in dialogs, decisions, and key public policy initiatives that impact the artists community and the creative economy.

    It has been a busy and fruitful year for our young organization. We have encouraged the passage of numerous Commonwealth bills that support the creative economy and the vitality of artists communities. We have worked closely with the Governor’s Creative Economy Council to represent the interests and concerns of artists. We have fought to limit the cuts in arts and culture funding during this very tight budget cycle. We have supported each other through a tough economy.

    Yet, as we blow out the candles on the group’s virtual birthday cake we have even an greater wish for the coming year. If our wishes comes true :  MALC membership will grow beyond our wildest dreams and artists of all disciplinesacross the country will create artists leaders coalitions in their own home states.