• Reminder: Vote in the MA Presidential primary March 1!

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    The Massachusetts Presidential Primary is next Tuesday, March 1st.

    Our Commonwealth’s primary is part of what is called Super Tuesday* where several states hold their primaries the same day.

    What you need to know to vote in the March 1st presidential primary
    Where do the candidates stand on arts, culture, and the creative economy?

    As of this post, MALC found no candidate (Democrat, Independent, or Republican) has a stand-alone platform for arts, culture, and/or the creative economy!

    MALC would like to suggest to ALL of those running for the office of President of the United States (POTUS) to read MALC’s 2014 Governor’s challenge, as formulated and put forth to all gubernatorial candidates during the 2014 election. Our policy paper can easily be scaled up to include the needs of arts, culture and the creative economy across the nation; it highlights much of the work MALC actively addresses at the policy table.

    The MALC Challenge for the next Governor: Be a Champion of the Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy

    MALC does not endorse candidates or political parties
    (MALC does not take money. We are an all volunteer coalition.)

    The Candidates’ platforms

    Below are links to the websites of candidates running for the office of the U.S. President**:
    (Listed in alphabetical order. Candidates without an active website are listed, but do not have links.)


    Hillary Clinton

    Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente – no active website

    Bernie Sanders


    Ben Carson

    Ted Cruz

    John Kasich

    Marco Rubio

    Donald Trump

    Third Party Candidates (as of this post):

    Gary Johnson (Libertarian) – no active website

    Jill Stein (Green)

    *A link to an informative article about Super Tuesday:

    **A list of all the current candidates registered and/or running for office of President:


    The goal of the Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition (MALC) is to ensure that Massachusetts artists of all disciplines have a voice in public dialogs, decisions, and key public policy initiatives that impact the artists community and the creative economy. MALC works to ensure that artists have a permanent place at the policy making table.