• Update on the State Budget and the MCC Budget Line Item

    by  • July 31, 2017 • News

    As MALC reported in our July 19th blog post,  “Budget Overrides- A Call to Action”,  the next phase of the budget process is for the House and Senate to take up the Governor’s vetoes.  It looks like the Legislature won’t do this until after labor day (after their summer recess).

    Also in our other July 19th blog post,  “Governor’s Veto Cuts Funding for Culture, Legislators Seek Override”,  we reported that State Senator Adam Hinds of Pittsfield and Representative Cory Atkins of Concord have circulated a letter to their colleagues urging support for an override of the governor’s veto and cut to the Mass Cultural Council’s budget line item.

    There is still time for your State Senator and/or State Representative to sign on to the letter if they have not done so already.

    Representatives who wish to sign on to the House letter should contact Chairwoman Representative Atkins office— 617-722-2015

    And Senators who wish to sign on to the Senate letter should contact  Chairman Senator Hinds office 617-722-1625

    How to find/contact your State Senator and/or State Representative:  https://malegislature.gov/Search/FindMyLegislator

    The list of Senators signed on to the Senate letter as of  July 27th:

    Senator Cyr
    Senator  Gobi
    Senator  Jehlen
    Senator  McGee
    Senator  Lewis
    Senator O’Connor
    Senator Donoghue
    Senator Lesser
    Senator Barrett
    Senator Brownsberger
    Senator Moore
    Senator Creem
    Senator Rush
    Senator Lovely
    Senator Timilty
    Senator Chang-Diaz

    The list of Representatives who have signed on to the House letter as of July 25th:

    1.      Representative Brian M. Ashe, 2nd Hampden

    2.      Representative Bruce J. Ayers, 1st Norfolk

    3.      Representative Ruth B. Balser, 12th Middlesex

    4.      Representative Christine P. Barber, 34th Middlesex

    5.      Representative Jennifer E. Benson, 37th Middlesex

    6.      Representative Paul Brodeur, 32nd Middlesex

    7.      Representative Antonio F.D. Cabral. 13th Bristol

    8.      Representative Danial F. Cahill, 10th Essex

    9.      Representative Thomas J. Calter, 12th Plymouth

    10.  Representative Linda Dean Campbell, 15th Essex

    11.  Representative James M. Cantwell, 4th Plymouth

    12.  Representative Tackey Chan, 2nd Norfolk

    13.  Representative Mike Connolly, 26th Middlesex

    14.  Representative William L. Crocker Jr., 2nd Barnstable

    15.  Representative Claire D. Cronin, 11th Plymouth

    16.  Representative Josh S. Cutler, 6th Plymouth

    17.  Representative Michael S. Day, 31st Middlesex

    18.  Representative Marjorie C. Decker, 25th Middlesex

    19.  Representative Diana DiZoglio, 14th Essex

    20.  Representative James J. Dwyer, 30th Middlesex

    21.  Representative Carolyn C. Dykema, 8th Middlesex

    22.  Representative Lori A. Ehrlich, 8th Essex

    23.  Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier, 3rd Berkshire

    24.  Representative Dylan Fernandes, Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket

    25.  Representative Sean Garballey, 23rd Middlesex

    26.  Representative Denise C. Garlick, 13th Norfolk

    27.  Representative Colleen M. Garry, 36th Middlesex

    28.  Representative Carmine L. Gentile, 13th Middlesex

    29.  Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose, 3rd Hampshire

    30.  Representative Carlos Gonzalez, 10th Hampden

    31.  Representative Kenneth I. Gordon, 21st Middlesex

    32.  Representative Danielle W. Gregoire, 4th Middlesex

    33.  Representative Sheila C. Harrington, 1st Middlesex

    34.  Representative Stephan Hay, 3rd Worcester

    35.  Representative Jonathan Hecht, 29th Middlesex

    36.  Representative Paul R. Heroux, 2nd Bristol

    37.  Representative Natalie Higgins, 4th Worcester

    38.  Representative Bradford R. Hill, 4th Essex

    39.  Representative Kevin G. Honan, 17th Suffolk

    40.  Representative Jay R. Kaufman, 15th Middlesex

    41.  Representative Mary S. Keefe, 15th Worcester

    42.  Representative James M. Kelcourse, 1st Essex

    43.  Representative Kay Khan, 11th Middlesex

    44.  Representative Peter V. Kocot, 1st Hampshire

    45.  Representative David P. Linsky, 5th Middlesex

    46.  Representative Jay D. Livingstone, 8th Suffolk

    47.  Representative Adrian Madaro, 1st Suffolk

    48.  Representative Elizabeth A. Malia, 11th Suffolk

    49.  Representative Paul W. Mark, 2nd Berkshire

    50.  Representative Juana Matias, 16th Essex

    51.  Representative Paul McMurtry, 11th Norfolk

    52.  Representative Frank Moran, 17th Essex

    53.  Representative Mathew Muratore, 1st Plymouth

    54.  Representative James J. O’Day, 14th Worcester

    55.  Representative Jerald A. Parisella, 6th Essex

    56.  Representative Elizabeth A. Poirier, 14th Bristol

    57.  Representative Denise Provost, 27th Middlesex

    58.  Representative Angelo Puppolo, Jr., 12th Hampden

    59.  Representative David M. Rogers, 24th Middlesex

    60.  Representative Byron Rushing, 9th Suffolk

    61.  Representative Paul A. Schmid III, 8th Bristol

    62.  Representative John W. Scibak, 2nd Hampshire

    63.  Representative Frank I. Smizik, 15th Norfolk

    64.  Representative Thomas M. Stanley, 9th Middlesex

    65.  Representative William M. Straus, 10th Bristol

    66.  Representative Paul Tucker, 7th Essex

    67.  Representative Steven Ultrino, 33rd Middlesex

    68.  Representative Aaron Vega, 5th Hampden

    69.  Representative David T. Vieira, 3rd Barnstable

    70.  Representative Chris Walsh, 6th Middlesex

    71.  Representative Thomas P. Walsh, 12th Essex

    72.  Representative Timothy R. Whelan, 1st Barnstable

    73.  Representative Bud L. Williams. 11th Hampden


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