November 8th 2017- 11th Annual Artists Under the Dome Event at the Massachusetts State House

Key Committee Hearings



Massachusetts Legislative Session

The Legislative 2017-2018 Session is in full swing.

Also see our page on Legislation

Massachusetts State Budget Process

The State's budget process for this year is now completed. There is a key page on the state's official website that allows one to learn about and track the Budget Process and the Budget Documents.

Up Coming Joing Committee Hearings

To find out about Committee Hearings by Joint Committees and other Committees:






(NOTE: You usually can't participate in the board meetings (i.e. speak on an agenda item to the board), but you can attend, get all the handouts, take notes, and talk with board members and staff before and after the meetings and during breaks- these meetings can be great networking opportunities).

A list of the 2015 Board Meetings for the Commonwealth Health Connector(this is one of the state agencies that oversees healthcare reform implementation in our state- they have been very artist friendly)


The next meeting of the Creative Economy Council* will be posted when we find out when it is. These meetings are free and open to the public. The Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition (MALC)** has been attending all the public meetings of the CEC and is the Working Group for Artists Issues for the CEC***

*For more information on CEC and its activities:

**To read MALC’s CEC recommendations:

***To learn more about MALC and to join:


A list of the 2015 Board Meetings for the Massachusetts Cultural Council (the state arts council/agency)