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June 2015

June 25th State Wide Economic Development Plan Listening Tour

State House: June 23rd 1pm- Room 437 is the Committee Hearing on legislation addressing the Independent Contractor Issue.

Fall 2014

The eighth Annual Artists Under the Dome was November 12, 2014

February 2014

MALC releases its policy challenge for the Governor's 2014 race

Spring 2014

MALC helps to stop anti-coop amendments from passing in the Senate budget and in other pieces of legislation.

Winter 2013

MALC continues to work to get key legislation filed during the New Legislative Formal Session. See the Legislation page.

Fall/Winter 2012

MALC continues to work to get key legislation passed during the Legislative Informal Session-. See the Legislation page.

November 8th- 6th Annual Artists Under the Dome Event at the Massachusetts State House!

Spring 2012

MALC continues to work to get key legislation passed during the Legislative Formal Session. Key Legislation crafted by the Artists Health Care Working Group to help small businesses and small nonprofits is finally adopted by both Houses of the Legislature. The Governor's signed it into law!

January 2012

MALC Steering Committee member Kathleen Bitetti is appointed by the Governor to the State's Creative Economy Council and she is also asked to participate in a Stake Holders Working Group to try to address the Independent Contractor Issue that is impacting the artists and art communities.

November 2011

MALC members testified on November 3rd at a public hearing at the Massachusetts State House on key Independent Contractor legislation that impacts the artists community. MALC was joined by staffers from the Massachusetts Cultural Council who also testified on the need to fix this law.

June 2011

MALC members testified at two public hearings at the Massachusetts State House on key legislation that impacts the artists community. MALC was invited and attended a State House Cultural Caucus event held in June about the creative economy.

January 2011

New committee chairs and committee members are appointed to all committees and the State's budget's process begins (which MALC is monitoring).

Fall 2010

New members are elected to both houses of the legislature. MALC works with key legislators to identify legislation that needs to refiled for the 2011-2012 session.


The State House Cultural Caucus held a legislative briefing on Artists' Labor Issues. It was the first briefing of its kind. MALC members, artists union leaders, the MA film Office, and MCC presented at the briefing.


Important news- the Boston Globe wrote an Editorial asking the Massachusetts Legislature to amend the 2004 Independent Contractor Law that is negatively impacting freelancers and artists of all disciplines in our state. Also see stories by WBUR and WGBH on the issue.


To see how the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development voted on the new redraft of HB 1844 now known as HB 4748 (Which does not fix the problems)


****Important News on three Senate budget amendments that were filed and debated May 26-28, 2010


The Task Force on Performing Arts released,Gaming and the Performing Arts: Allowing Both to Thrive in Massachusetts, Interim Report to the House Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development on March 18, 2010.


The co-founders of have a letter to the editor in the Boston Phoenix that calls attention to the general lack of coverage of the arts and the creative economy in the Boston electorial races:


The Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition (MALC) announces its blog:


The Massachusetts Creative Economy Council (CEC) has submitted/released its first report to the Massachusetts Legislature: CEC_Report09.pdf

The Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition (MALC) has been attending all the public meetings of the CEC and is the Working Group for Artists Issues for the CEC. MALC gave its recommendations to the CEC (note due to the economic downturn it was strongly urged to forgo any recommendations for Year One and Two for new income streams): MALC_CEC09.pdf


The first state-wide report on Massachusetts artists of all disciplines, Stand Up and Be Counted, is released.