this website- was launched in October 2007. It is an artist run website and is run by inkind donation of artists' time and resources. This site helps to keep artists informed of statewide efforts and public policy initiatives that may impact their livelihoods. It acts a resource and tool for individual artists of all disciplines and strives to follow and inform artists on state policy, legislative & regulatory actions. It is also the home of the Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition (MALC). The overall goal is to empower individual artists to become more engaged with the democratic process and public policy making.


The Eleventh Annual Artists Under the Dome Event 2017


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8th, 2017 from 9:30am to 2pm

Massachusetts State House's Great Hall

It is a Free Annual Event for Massachusetts Artists Working in all Disciplines

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For information about MALC and to be kept up to date on legislation, news, and public policy that impacts artists of all disciplines see the MALC Blog.





This website is an artist run web site and is run by inkind donation of time and resources. Special thanks to the following: Liz Nofziger for her invaluable help with website design ( David Galiel for hosting this site and administering the listserve. Kathleen Bitetti for website design, content generation and upkeep ( Matt Barron who "coined" the name of this initiative. Mary Bucci McCoy for designing the MALC logo ( Sophia Solar Michalski for the seed funding to secure the site's domain name.