's Goals - this website- was launched in October 2007. It is an artist run website and is run by inkind donation of artists' time and resources. This website strives to keep artists informed of Statewide efforts and public policy initiatives that may impact their livelihoods. This site acts a resource and tool for individual artists of all disciplines.

The Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition (MALC) and share the following objectives:

1) To make Massachusetts one of, if not the best, State in the Nation for artists of all disciplines to live and work in.

2) To empower artists of all disciplines to become part of public policy dialog on the issues that impact their livelihoods.

MALC's Goals

Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition (MALC), its meetings, and connected working groups are designed to bring together artists leaders of all disciplines and artist(s) run organizations, initiatives, and businesses around key issues facing Massachusetts artists working in all disciplines. Though participants may have different perspectives on how best to address the issues facing our community, we are all committed to improving the social and economic position of all Massachusetts artists. The overall goal is to empower our community, support our artists leaders, and to mentor new artists leaders. We want to ensure that artists are at the policy making table. It is free to join MALC.